Data Protection

Isarsoft Perception

Isarsoft Perception offers several functions to ensure data protection and compliance with legal regulations.

For the purpose of configuring the applications in Isarsoft Perception, access to the live image material of the video stream is necessary. To preserve privacy, relevant objects (like persons and heads) are presented in a pixelated format within the user interface. The pixelation affects the entire bounding box (height and width) of a recognized object.

The live image from the chosen video streams undergoes real-time analysis without gathering or processing biometric features and remains inaccessible within the user interface. Live video images are loaded into dynamic random access memory (RAM) and are subsequently processed. The time to live (TTL) of an image in the RAM is set to a maximum of 20 seconds, after which it is deleted permanently. There is no permanent storage.

The user management ensures the security of sensitive data. Furthermore, the access of individual users to a certain number of cameras can be restricted via the user management. The lowest authorization level “Limited User” does not allow any access to video or image data.