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AWS Kinesis


To enable and configure the Amazon Kinesis Data Streams integration navigate to Settings > Cloud Connector > Amazon Kinesis and configure the following options:

Kinesis Settings

  • Kinesis Region: Region the AWS Kinesis is deployed
  • Stream Prefix: Prefix to use for data channels (see below)
  • AWS Access Key ID: Optional access key ID, default is none
  • AWS Access Key: Optional access key ID, default is none


If no access key is given, the kinesis integration will try to use the credentials installed on the server under $HOME/.aws.

Data Channels

Kinesis data channels are led by a static prefix Stream Prefix, which is followed by the APPLICATION-TYPE identifier and DATA-CHANNEL identifier.


If the data stream does not exist in the cloud, the respective messages will be dropped.


With Stream Prefix set to mycompany: