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To enable and configure the MQTT integration navigate to Settings > Cloud Connector > MQTT Broker and configure the following options:

MQTT Settings

  • MQTT Hostname: FQDN or IP Address of the MQTT Message Broker
  • MQTT Port: Port to use to connect to the broker, defaults to 1883 (without tls) or 8883 (with tls enabled)
  • MQTT Username: Optional username credentials, default is none
  • MQTT Password: Optional password credentials, default is none
  • MQTT Client ID: Optional mqtt client ID to set, default is none
  • MQTT Topic: Opitonal MQTT Topic or MQTT Topic Prefix (see MQTT Fixed Topic for more info)
  • MQTT TLS: Enable or disable TLS (Encryption)
  • MQTT Fixed Topic: If disabled, the string set under MQTT Topic will be used as a prefix (default is "isarsoft") and messages will be split into subtopics, otherwise the MQTT Topic will be used as the fixed topic for all messages.


MQTT Client Certificates for TLS are not supported and self-signed certificates for mqtt brokers must be manually installed and included in the Certificate Authority (CA) of the operating system.


MQTT client IDs must be unique for each client connecting to the MQTT broker. It's up to the user to ensure that no other service uses the same client ID to avoid race conditions.


The MQTT topics used for Isarsoft Perception can operate in two different modes: prefixed or fixed mode. They can be selected by toggling the MQTT Fixed Topic option in the settings.

Prefixed Mode

In prefixed mode, the MQTT messages will be distributed into separate topics with various identifiers serving as topic hierarchy. This enables third party tools to subscribe to the output of specific devices and analytics applications - by only subscribing to a certain set of application types, uuids or even only certain data channels. In this mode the setting MQTT Topic will be used as a PREFIX. The default PREFIX is isarsoft. If the prefix doesn't end with a slash, it will be added automatically.



With MQTT Topic set to my-custom-topic or my-custom-topic/:


With MQTT Topic empty:

Fixed Mode

In fixed mode, all MQTT messages will be sent to the topic specified in the setting MQTT Topic. No additional prefix or suffix will be attached. If no MQTT Topic is specified, the topic will default to isarsoft/[DEVICE-UUID].


The DEVICE-UUID will be generated for the device on first startup. This DEVICE-UUID will never change - unless it is forcefully changed or the device is completely reset. You can find the value of this DEVICE-UUID under Settings > General > Device.