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Isarsoft Perception supports two options for integrating with third party software:

Exemplary Integration for Perception

Integration Options for Perception

GraphQL API (REST-like)

The GraphQL API is the primary interface for configuring and querying information from Isarsoft Perception. It supports

  • Creating, importing, and managing video streams
  • Creating and configuring analytics applications
  • Access to live results (including video visualization) and historical data
  • Exporting historical data as a datasheet
  • Permission and user management
  • Server status and load

The frontend web application of Isarsoft Perception uses this API, therefore any feature accessible in the frontend is trivially supported directly via the GraphQL API and could be implemented / integrated into third party tools.

Realtime Message Publish

Realtime message based publish / subscribe will actively push data messages to configured endpoints as soon as the data is available. It can be used to display analytics data in external business intelligence and reporting solutions. Supported standard protocols are MQTT and Kinesis Data Streams, which among others enable integration with:

  • AWS Kinesis Data Streams
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • any other MQTT-based business intelligence and reporting solution

This integration supports:

  • Receiving realtime data (analytics results) via publishing / subscribing
  • Receiving realtime events and alarms
  • Trajectory data for motion tracked objects